In 1993, we embarked on a journey with a simple belief: to create the finest quality. At Queen Art, our commitment has always been to craft exquisite kitchenware, enhancing the tapestry of a rich life.

The year 1996 marked a revolutionary stride in the realm of kitchenware. We expanded into new factories and adopted the name Queen Art. Since then, our dedication to continuous research and development has propelled us to be recognized as a promising small and medium-sized export company by Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do. Our products have garnered acclaim for their excellent quality across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

However, our journey is far from its conclusion. The pursuit of excellence drives us to consistently innovate and develop superior products. We remain committed to delivering enhanced services, ensuring that our journey continues to evolve.


At Queen Art, our primary focus is always on our customers. Our products transcend mere functionality; we strive to offer tools that not only serve practical purposes but also enhance the joy of cooking and bring added beauty to our lives.

Our ongoing research and development initiatives, combined with cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, underscore our commitment to delivering the finest products to our customers. We leverage the best frying pan and ceramic coating technology to ensure an elevated cooking experience for our customers.

Lastly, I extend sincere gratitude to all the customers who have chosen Queen Art and placed their trust in us. To reciprocate your love and trust, we are dedicated to providing superior products and services. Queen Art will continue to grow and progress, always moving forward alongside you.

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