Organization chart


Quality Management Representative

Affiliated research institute


Quality management agent
an affiliated research institute


Quality management agent
an affiliated research institute
Management Support Department
General Affairs Team
Accounting Team
The Management Support Department oversees the comprehensive management and operations of the company. It is tasked with a wide array of responsibilities, encompassing personnel management, accounting, finance, procurement, inventory management, and overall administrative affairs.
Production Control Department
Facility Management
Production and inspection work
The Production Control Department supervises both the production and delivery processes of our products. It plays a pivotal role in managing production schedules, ensuring product quality, overseeing material procurement and inventory management, and meticulously managing product delivery schedules.
Quality Control Department
C/S Work
A/S Work
The Quality Control Department is responsible for ensuring the quality and compliance of the company’s products or services. This involves rigorous inspection, testing, and adherence to established quality standards throughout the production process. The department works to identify and resolve any quality issues, contributing to the overall excellence of our offerings.


Domestic Sales Team
Export Sales Team
The Sales Department is tasked with devising and executing sales strategies for our products and services. Its responsibilities extend to both maintaining and cultivating customer relationships, crafting custom product proposals tailored to meet specific customer requirements.